sabato 14 dicembre 2013

The Taranta

The Tarantula or taranta is a poisonous spider whose bite is taken from the term "pizzica".
The poison came into circulation causes were strong psychomotor agitation followed by violent headaches and muscle stiffness that gives life to epileptic seizures. In the case of tarantism however, the tarantata has not been bitten by any animal. In these cases the phenomenon of tarantism should be interpreted as a symbol of frustration, mental, economic, social and sexual, that is, as the hysterics of the individual.

Taranta's Ritual
Not by chance to be "plucked" were women, marginalized among the marginalized, that during ecstasy or agony of the poison, could afford to everything, even to mimic embraces in public, until St. Paul, the patron of tarantate, did not grant a pardon.

The spider is the symbol of Mother Earth that emerges with his instincts relentless, with the power of ancient pagan rituals that Christianity has sought to mitigate them back to reason, in the bosom of Holy Mother Church.

Originally the ground and then there are the tarantula, the tambourine and its primeval music and a repertoire of ancestral memories that each of us carries inside and resurface periodically. Tarantism Pugliese was born in the Middle Ages and remained intensely popular participation and variety of mythical ritual until the end of '700 beginning its decline in the next century.

The scenario in which the ritual of dance took place during the celebrations of St. Peter and Paul, was a large sheet lying on a blanket that covered the floor, and on the sheet, in a corner, a collection basket for offerings and images of the Saints.

The instrument used to accompany the ritual of dance is the tambourine Lecce which is played with a special technique, giving the basic rhythm with the percussion, and an ordered chaos, with rattles. Around the sheet is formed, the "patrol" (circle) in the middle of which, with a very basic technique you can dance the dance of "pizzica".

Produced by the Agency for the Promotion Apulia Region - Tourism Department, Culture and Tourism

Written and directed by ANTONIO PALUMBO executive producing OZ SOFIA FILM mounting FRANCESCA ALLEGRA cinematographer color grading SILVAGNI LUCA ANDREA FERRANTE organizer FRANCISCO LOPEZ production manager ROSEMARY Chimirri music MAURO IN / CANZONIERE GRECANICO SALENTINO casting VICTORY Lopresti

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