sabato 14 dicembre 2013

Morphology Salento and Puglia

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Growing in length to 400 km. the Apulian territory has very different characteristics that make it among the most fascinating in Italy in terms of scenic beauty and one of the most interesting from a historical point of view and natural beauty. The windswept plains uncultivated follow the geometry of the infinite expanses of olive trees as well as fertile cropland, barely recovered from generations of farmers. Along the coast the landscape changes further alternating long beaches of fine sand with high cliffs interspersed with small bays and coves, along which there are numerous caves and crevices due to the particular nature of the subsurface karst of Apulia

The incessant action of water on limestone, the main component of the ground, gave life since prehistoric times to the deep cuts in the bedrock over time become ravines, greenhouses and fossil beds of ancient rivers, today the perfect habitat for thousands of plant species are endemic. Deep chasms, called precisely favor, disposing of rainwater still encouraging, even here, very special types of flowering. It is a territory that alternates in fact the characteristic vegetation of the Mediterranean maquis this particularly in Salento woods of various kinds and nature in the area of Gargano with the example of the lush forest Umbra. These alternate with water, and also to form a very different nature. Channels and basins result of repairs to resist the delicate man-made lake systems of Lesina and Varano, Gargano, lakes Alimini in the territory of Otranto and the natural oasis of Gesine also in the province of Lecce.

One region, Apulia, only apparently poor water, really rich groundwater where literally rests. It is ultimately a territory claimed by man so much in terms of hard work and sweat, but he returned there where this has been respectful towards him, unrivaled masterpieces of architecture as rural terraces overlooking the sea, the trulli Bari and pajare salting, dry-stone walls, up to date back to ancient prehistoric settlements rich in inscriptions and artifacts.

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