martedì 4 marzo 2014

Excursions and Guided Tours in Salento and Puglia

Get fun in Puglia
Our service also includes the possibility of using the tour guides that will help to know the Salento and Puglia in the best possible way with professionalism and competence.

Our tour guides are able to offer a service in a foreign language : English, French, Spanish and German.

The tours are available in various types: there are the thematic itineraries constructed ad hoc , or visits to various geographical areas of Puglia, which include a long walk and hiking in the hills or the exploration of a cave, the boat ride to visit an island and much more.

We can offer the tourist routes already prepared , or you can plan trips based on the specific request of the hiker : they are available on this page of nature hikes, excursions along the coast of Salento , excursions that cover the history of Salento , or you can see the coast from the sea, on board a sailing boat or a motor boat , and in the end there is the possibility of booking a microlight flight over the Salento .

Excursions on a sailing boat
Excursion by motor boat
Hiking and microlight flight over the Salento
Excursions along the coast of Salento
Hiking in the history of Salento
Nature walks in the countryside of Salento

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